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Random deletions

Question asked by anzac on Jun 7, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2013 by anzac

I installed Gateway a couple of months ago and added a MediaSonic enclosure with mirrored 3TB Seagate drives. I like to record a complete series so I can watch it from beginning to end.


Recently I noticed that random shows have been deleted. That is to say for example, I have episodes 1-12 of a series and maybe 4 & 5 will be suddenly gone. I database the shows as they're recorded so I know I'm not mistaken.


I have pre-recordings set to Save Until Space is Needed except for a couple of news broadcasts that are set to expire in 3 days. The system has never reported >65% utilized, so space cannot be the issue.


I noticed in another thread that setting to Save Until I Delete would resolve some issue, will it also affect this problem?