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DCT3416 problem

Question asked by syjw on Jun 11, 2013
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My DCT3416 HDPVR started to have problem on 6/9/20136, and the TV picture of every channel is full of broken brick image as shown on attached photo. However the menu and TV guide are still OK and can be seen clearly as on the second attached photo. The recorded programs are also OK and we can watch it without any difficulty, but I am not sure if it still can record new program with good picture.


We have another TV with a newer DCX3400-M in the living room, and it is normal as usual. I brought the DCX3400-M to replace the DCT3416 using the same coaxial cable from the wall and HDMI cable to the TV both original for DCT3416 to connect the DCX3400-M, and the TV picture is back to normal. Thus I concluded that the signal, coxial cable, HDMI cable and TV are all OK, and only the DCT3416 has problem.


If I am right about my conclusion, will you help me to find out what is the problem with this DCT3416, and can it be fixed by myself or repaired by a technician?