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DCP3825 issues

Question asked by watsonm on Jun 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2013 by tkdragon

I've gone thru the info board and there seems many problems associated with the Cisco DCP3825 router.  They all seem similar to what we are experiencing at our house.  I'm really stumped on how best to resolve this permanently.


We are on Shaw50, our phone lines and cable are all with shaw.


In the pass week we have had random issues with the internet just disconnecting us.  This is happening to all the computers in the house, both the ones that are hardwired to the modem and those that are wireless.  We have had this problem when we first got the modem a year ago and than it seemed to resolve itself and now it's back again.


It doesn't happen on a specific time but randomly.  I could be on Facebook and click onto a game and I would lose connection.  My phone will connect to the wi-fi at home all day and than the signal will simply disappear and I would get this message:  This network appears to have limited Internet access.


I can't even call tech support because the connectivity issue is so random and so short term (i.e. 10 second disconnection).  But, it's getting tedious having to go up and down the stairs 5 times a day to reset the modem by plugging and unplugging it.


Can somebody please help or tell me how to get a new modem.  We never had this problem when we had the previous modem (before upgrading) and using a Linksys router.