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VoD no picture, no sound

Question asked by lostcypher11 on Jun 11, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2013 by [shaw]jeff

i've had Shaw cable tv for nearly a month now. since day 1 my VoD has not worked. so far i have had 3 techs out to look at this issue. first tech swapped out the cable box and the Splitter. Second tech was about a useless as they came. was here for 10 mins said everything looks fine and left. third tech was a sr tech. who swapped out the hdmi cable, tried over component, aswell as tried another TV. He said it looks like an Issue on shaws end. told me he would follow up with me after he got shaw to reset my service, and I should here back from him in less than 48 hours. So 48 hours have passed. I did not hear from the tech and Issue is still present. So i called tech support again! and again i having another tech sent out tomorrow. even tho i clearly told the agent that all 3 techs agree that the issue is on Shaws end. I'm really starting to lose my nerve over this issue.