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Why does gateway suck so much?

Question asked by orangeblue on Jun 13, 2013
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I've had gateway for almost two years, and it has yet to operate correctly.


I am constantly getting error messages, I have to unplug and reset it, and that doesn't always correct the problem.


I hate the way that the menu never times out, and the screen saver never works correctly.  I can fall asleep and wake up 10 hours later to see that the screen saver has not started . . . but when I turn on the tv at the end of the day, one hour later I get a message saying that there has been no activity yada yada and it turns off after 15 min.  Then it stays on even if I don't touch it for a day.


I hate that the remote has no page up and down.  I feel like a clicking maniac every time I try to scroll through the guide.  Not to mention that the guide still refreshes SLOWLY while I'm trying to view it (why does it take so long for a page to load and why does it have to reload SLOWLY so often?), with regular blank spots and other malfunctions.


Seriously, I hate the system.  I wish I had stayed with the HDPVR.