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7.1.2 preview

Question asked by mark_vse on Jun 13, 2013
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Thought we would show a preview of some of the enhancements in 7.1.2.  A list of features and personal observations has been provided [shaw]ali and myself in the following thread:

Gateway 7.1 Firmware - ready for liftoff!

Aright, now onto some youtube videos :-)  only selected a few from the list provided in the above thread.

1) bringing up and down menu. Showing that this is still fast if not faster.



2) Trickmode enhancements.  Note:  On the Rewind, i was also demonstrating that the speed will not wrap (hence the bong sound trying to do that).  Credit also for Holding down skip/replay button goes to [shaw]ali, that is why i showed that in this clip



3) Support for Multiple Deletes.  Prompting does not hold deleting back.


4) Faster listing of PVR episodes.  Before there was a delay before it showed



5) Grid Guide Enhancements



6) Vertical Guide Inner Listings showing up faster and scrolling



7) Verticle Guide random stopping on channels and listings showing up quickly



8) Last but not least, scrolling of Vertical guide is fast again