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Incosistent service since moving to Shaw - Need an urgent response or I move back

Question asked by asalloum on Jun 12, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2013 by mephology

Have had absurd lag spikes since moving to Shaw from Telus on June 7. Happens more and more frequently every day, at certain times, for a good period of 5 minutes or so, my latency is 500-1200 ms, then it reverts back to a normal ping for a brief while, then spikes again. Absolutely absurdly bad connection and service so far, and I believe my TV service is somewhat spotty as well as I have noticed some jitter and random freezes on the Gateway.


Called Shaw technical support today and received the most useless trouble shooting. I waited 20 minutes to talk to someone and when I finally connected, the guy asks me to run speedtest and of course that's when the connection settled down. And that's all the guy could muster - he deemed my connection working fine. Ended the call and 10 minutes later it's back.


I have VERY VERY VERY limited patience to deal with this issue - having a consistent internet connection is extremely important to my work and other activities, like competitive online gaming. I'm especially frustrated since the help I received from support was BEYOND underwhelming--the guy was suggesting I upgrade to a faster service when these issues have nothing whatsoever to do with speed--and if I am to expect shoddy support, then I'm instantly going back to Telus. I need a rep here to look into my account ASAP and provide a reliable solution.


For the record, when I ran the speedtest on Shaw's site, the ping test failed several times when the spikes were happening.