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How can I get the second IP address working?

Question asked by ptalas on Jun 18, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2013 by hcheng

I would like to use the second IP address provided by Shaw.  I have read the technical discussions related to using bot IP addresses provided by Sha and set up my system as follows.  I connected the Shaw modem to a network switch and the network switch to two LynkSys routers.   All connections are hard wired.  I shut off the modem, the switch and the routers and restarted them one at a time (modem, switch, router #1 then router #2).    Both routers were set on default and auto settings.  The first router and associate devices are working properly.  The second router is unable to connect to the internet due to IP address problem (for some reason it cannot finding the second IP address). 

Does Shaw need to be notified before the second router is assigned an IP address?


Pete Talas