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Error: Networking (P004)

Question asked by on Jun 18, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2013 by shaw-matt

Does anyone know what the P004 networking error means when you connect to Video on Demand?  There is nothing physically wrong with my connection (I tried unplugging power and other cables and everything seems really solid).  It seems to be triggered by a software update.  It's stuck in a download (it shows an arrow on the console).  It's like something needs to be reset.


My internet speed fell by about 70% about the same time this problem happened and the networking diagnostic in settings shows a DNS problem.


I spent a half hour on chat with a technical service person, but Shaw won't fix it without a site visit and they won't do site visits past 5:00 PM, with the earliest appointment being next Monday.  I don't want to take time off work and there's no way I could get home before 5:30.


I'm going to cancel all the movie channels tonight at it seems to only affect video on demand and there's no point for paying for a service I'm not getting and which Shaw seems unable to repair without me taking time off work.  I had been looking at getting satellite for my vacation place and I am going to get a quote to see what it would cost to get a combined package that includes satellite at both locations to replace Shaw as they don't seem to be taking customer technical support very seriously.