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Internet DISCONNECTING and RECONNECTING automatically.. within every 5 to 2 min

Question asked by aadeshb6 on Jun 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2013 by jackal

ok... so i am so frustrated right now. My internet keeps disconnecting and reconnecting automatically after 10 seconds and this happens like 60 times a day till 5:30 pm to 3 am..  (problem starts almost at the same time which is 5:30~5:34)  This problem was happening for 1 and a half month. We actually had telus and HAD SAME PROBLEM.. so we just changed our isp to Shaw last tuesday and...... SAME PROBLEM...

Ok so before you guys are going to ask questions... heres what i tried and did..

1.Called YOU guys more than 10 times. They always say "umm i am sorry we dont know what the problem is.. and they just send me a tech and that guy just replace MODEM WHICH DONT HELP AT ALL.. we changed modem like 6 times now..

2.ALL THE LIGHTS are on (Power, US, DS, Online: they are all stable green light) when it disconnects. also on my computer it says i am connected to the internet but internet doesnt work. ALSO ALL OF MY DEVICES are not working when my computer dont work.. (smartphones, desktop, laptop,. etc) SO dont say that my computer has a virus cus it works fine in Library and my friends house.

3.Tried changing the cable. did not work

4.Tried changing isp. did not work

5.Tried changing channel 99999 times. did not work

6.Tried to connect directly to the modem using ethernet. did not work.

7.NO its not interference. Cus it happened EVERY SINGLE day for 1.5 months. Also who the hell would interferene internet at 3 am?

8.Tried changing the modem/router 6 times. did not work.

9.Internet is stable when it reconnects.. so for ex. Say that i have super fast internet speed then suddenly BOOM "disconnected" so its DEFF NOT traffic with my neighbor.. also my neighbor uses Telus.

So now. idk what to do and how to fix this problem.. I am PAYING for my internet but cant use it when i really need it (5:30PM~12AM is when i use internet cus i am not at home till 3 pm..)

When i call them they always send me techy guy 2 weeks later. so i have to spend 2 weeks without internet. Another tech guy is coming next thursday and  i wanna get ready and tell him to do this and this.. cus i have a feeling that he is jsut gonna replace modem.. thsi is why i am asking you guys.

Sry for using caps and my grammar is prob all wrong cus i am soooo freakin mad right now. like seriously imagine living without internet for 1.5MONTHS