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DCX3510-M recording problems

Question asked by bean_ywg on Jun 20, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2013 by shaw-matt

Three times now, I've tried to record the latest Mythbusters episode on channel 14(HD).  The first attempt was as a part of a series recording.  It seemingly recorded the episode fine (shown as being an hour long when you try to play it and in the recordings list, and the PVR had the recording light on for the entire hour) however, it would only play for about two minutes and would stop and return to the list of recorded shows.  I've tried to record it twice more via the guide, and while it records for the entire hour, it refuses to play for more than about 2 minutes before stopping.  I've recorded other shows on other channels since the first attempt and they play fine.  Two other shows (on other channels) recorded the same night as the first attempt also played fine as well.  Today I'm setting the PVR for a 4th attempt at recording Mythbusters, as well as another show on channel 14(HD) just to see if I can record anything on that channel successfully.   I have previously recorded Mythbusters successfuly.   Is this a known issue?


Overall, I have to say my experience with this PVR has left me wanting.  I "upgraded" to it because my old one couldn't receive the HD (mpeg 4) signal for some channels.  Otherwise that thing (Motorola 6416 III) was rock solid.  The new one, not so much.  The UI is generally quirky.  Why does the Menu key default to Watch TV?  I was just watching TV when I hit the Menu button.  Deleting programs doesn't always work.  I've had to do it 3 times in some cases, before it was actually deleted.  Deleting a program exits the Recordings screen and returns to live TV, but sometimes it doesn't and remains at the Recordings screen.


A PVR, above all, needs to be stable, and do what you want, when you want.   A PVR with unwatchable recordings pretty much defeats the purpose of having it.