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Wired Not Working but wireless is.

Question asked by working_at_home on Jun 20, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2013 by working_at_home

I bought a new computer several months ago and now have Windows 7. Tuesday night (midnight) my internet drops on all my LAN (wired) computers. I called shaw and after an hour and a half we can not get the LAN to work. I swapped out cables, multiple reboots and re configurations and no result. Finally we decided that the modem must have died. I swapped out the modem and it is still the same issue.


The odd thing is that neither LAN computer will connect but if I connect my Voip phone (non-shaw) adapter the phone works but the computers wont. My new computer has a WiFi card and that works.


What I don't understand is that everything has worked perfectly for months and I can not believe that my cables all went bad simultaneously. I even checked the ethernet card and it comes up fine.


Any one encounter this issue before.


Oh I am not using any other routers and I have connected directly from the modem to the computer with the same result.