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Motorola DCX 3200-M digital box -- very low sound level

Question asked by robnow on Jun 20, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2013 by robnow

I am getting a very low sound level from my Motorola DCX 3200-M digital box.  I have tried the 3200-M box connected directly from the wall plug (coax) to the box then to the TV via Red-White-Yellow cable.  (I have no HDMI connection on my TV.)  I've also tried the 3200-M through a DVD recorder and through a VCR.  All of them produce the same result -- compared to my older digital box (and no box at all), the sound level through the 3200-M is about 50-66%. This is the second 3200-M I've tried and both have been the same.  It's obviously not a cable/connection problem -- it's something in the box itself that is causing it.