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Modem or Router issue?

Question asked by dewbear on Jun 21, 2013
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It seems I shouldn't take trouble free internet access for granted any more! (below is my long winded background)

My current system consists of a SMC modem [bridged], Linksys router [EA6400] and 2 computers [wired]. I was having constant problems with my SMC modem/router and asked to have it bridged on Tuesday [Jun18th] to be used as a modem only. Wednesday evening I lost all connectivity around 9:30pm (so did most of western Canada). It wasn't until late Thursday afternoon that I was able to get back online with tech support. Tech support had to remove my modem from the network and add it back to reattain connectivity. The error message I had been getting was "DNS server not responding".


All seemed well until about 5 hours later Thursday evening (9:45pm) when I lost all connectivity again with the error message "DNS server not responding".


Today I had the misfortune of an abrasive tech support staff member who is convinced my internal hard wiring is the problem in my connection as the modem had apparently not lost it's ip address. I explained all I was told yesterday and it made no difference. Similar to the tech yesterday he removed my modem from the network and added it back. At this point I had connectivity by connecting the modem directly to my computer [hard wired]. After the tech and I said our good byes I started wondering if he may have a partial point.


It's important to note that in each of these situations I have gone through the power recycle of the modem and the router, bringing the modem on-line first and then the router. Finally in each case (in desperation) I have tried to hook a computer directly to the modem during power down and still no luck. The only way I have been able to get back online is through tech support removing my modem from the shaw network and then adding it back (I'm sure there is a more technical explanation).


Could my router be causing these problems?

1) What would cause the router to loose connectivity around the same time each night, two nights in a row! I did notice the lease time is set at 1440 minutes [24 hr].

2) if my computer is telling me "DNS server is not responding" would it be normal to see all the proper lights on the modem?

Any thought you might have would be helpful as this is proving to be a very frustrating experience.