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Consistent disconnects, every hour at times

Question asked by slhice on Jun 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2013 by [shaw]jeff

I'm seeing disconnects from the internet happening at regular intervals, every hour for about 3 minutes every day now. I started seeing this happening about a month ago and it hasn't gone away. I've done a little googling and it would appears lots of people are experiencing similar issues in every wireless config imaginable and hardwired too...and not just Shaw but Rogers customers as well. Clearly there is an issue and it is affecting my ability to do my work. I don't trust the connection to stay up any more than 60 minutes at a time. Why is this? Can anyone at Shaw please look at this as a major issue that isn't isolated to one system, one firewall, one router, is widespread. It this a quality of service issue? Is this an issue out of Shaw's hands altogether? What is causing this?


I have a bridged modem. Is it a DHCP release time out of something like that? There is nothing at my end that is running every hour and it is happening on all the devices here - laptops, tablets, various OS's so it is a router or modem issue. If you say it's a router issue then know that hundred's of others are also experiencing this and I doubt everyone's routers suddenly broke down or somehow have become misconfigured.


Any kind of realistic help to isolate this would be appreciated.


Sorry if that sounds frustrating, but it is. Can't count on the internet to have a phone conference, video call or even ftp larger files without  the feat of getting cut off part way through. This is a major disruption, costly for my business. Please help.