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Audio and Picture Problem

Question asked by on Jun 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2013 by [shaw]jeff

We are having issues with our audio and our picture on our TV. We had an 7 year old Sony flat screen and now we have a 4 yr old Sony Brava. Have had numerous serviceman out and no one seems to know why. They have changed our digital box, every cable, checked our modem and shy off digging up the front yard and checking the cable (which was replaced a few years ago), they are at a lose. This has been happening over the last 6 months. Just this month we have lost audio and picture over 42 times and it's happening with all channels including HD.

The last service guy that was sent to our home was "the guy who knows everything". When he left he suggested we contact Sony and do a firmware upgrade on our TV since he figures that's what the problem is. I may not be electronically savvy but I can't imagine people having to upgrade their TVs every year. Feeling very frustrated and ready to move to Telus or maybe just grab a good book and call it a day. Has anyone else had this problem?