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Problems with DCX 3400 M, No Guide, No VOD, No access to PVR.

Question asked by robert_moyes on Jun 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2013 by kevinds

My problems all started when I bought a new PVR for my wife. Hers works fine but I have to keep rebooting mine through Shaw to get the Guide to actually load (VERY TIRED of seeing "To Be Announced" on every station). I have had a Tech show up to straighten it out once after a failed attempt by Shaw to reboot. He said my signal strength was fine and suspected "static buildup" in the DVR to be the problem. Before I throw it all in the garbage can and switch to satelite I thought I would ask for help.


Is there a problem having 2 very different PVRs in the same house? Her PVR combines non-HD and HD chanels (Global 7 is in HD I need chanel 211 for Global HD).


Will trading up to the same model PVR my wife has simplify the issues of hers having a higher priority rating than mine?


Are the hard drives interchangable? I have a lot of recorded shows that can't seem to be copied to anything unless I watch the programs and record to my VHS/DVD recorder. I also have an Extender hooked to the 3400M.


Thanks in advance, Bob