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Recorded program not playing

Question asked by dean029 on Jun 25, 2013
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I have had 5 occurrances where my DCX3400-M has shown I have recorded a program and when I go to watch, it only plays the 1st minute then stops and the progress bar will skip to the end of the recording. This occurs approxiametly between 27% and 35% of the filled area of the harddrive.

If the PVR needs a new harddrive how much will it cost me ? Personally I don't think should have to pay as this is a manufacturer defect.

And how can the saved programs I have on the PVR be moved to the new drive?

One other thing, ever since we bought the PVR you can hear the harddrive vibrate, why does it not have a gasket around the drive to prevent the noise coming thru the PVR case?