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Gateway Issues

Question asked by pidluk on Jun 27, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2013 by mark_vse


Switched over  to  Gateway a 2 months back and have  a total of 3 portals. These are the current issues from day 1.

  • Main portal in family room always freezes . Does not happen to other portals.
  • Main portal delays in PVR scanning , scrolling, freezing very frustrating! . Have advised CSR during their feedback call, nothing done!
  • Today blackout on main portal , had to reboot, seems to be a ongoing saga.
  • Program guide , delay in searching, freezing again frustrating. Happens to all portals.
  • Missed recordings even though set to series all times.


I am going to to give another 6 months and if this continues i am switching  over  back to older style of 1 pvr per room.