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Live Performances

Question asked by phantor48 on Jun 29, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2013 by shaw-lance

I am having issues with recording live performances. I have set the default to add 1 hour to the recording time, but one of two things happens.

Either the Motorola DVX-500 PVR ignores the default and prompts me, every time I try to set up a recording for a live event, to indicate whether I want to add additional time, as though I had not already set a default for live performances. Or, the PVR behaves as though the recording is NOT a live performance, and quits at exactly the scheduled termination time, offering me no option to add additional time to the recording. The default does not work here, either.


This latter situation is MOST ANNOYING!!!! In their respective seasons, I enjoy watching curling and CFL football on TSN. But the PVR will recognize neither of these as live events. If the games proceed a bit more slowly than "normal", or if they go into extra ends or overtime, I wind up missing the most crucial parts of the game.


Baseball games are recognized as live events, so why not curling or football? Even Sports Centre (TSN's "space filler" between major televised events) is recognized as a live event! In order to be sure to be able to see my complete sporting events, I have to record not only the game itself, but also the following "Sports Centre" segment (being sure to tell the PVR that I don't want to add additional time to this "live event"!!)


C'mon, Shaw, please do something about this!!!