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HDPVR box has trouble turning on + Expander issues

Question asked by erichg26 on Jul 2, 2013
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I have had a Motorola DCX3400-M box for about a year and a half, and an expander for about two months.


I was away on vacation for a little over a week--and everything worked fine before.  When I returned home, however, when I would try to watch any recently recorded shows I got an error message about the expander drive not being connected--although it was.  This has happened to me maybe twice before, and in the past I simply rebooted the expander as this site instructs--and no problem, I could watch my shows.  This time it didn't work (it still said it wasn't connected) so I rebooted the entire box--unplugging the cables between the expander and box,and unplugging the power for the box.  I waited about 45 minutes and then re-connected it all, in the order I was told.  However, after waiting the main box would not turn on.  It would light up, start doing something displaying what looked like A8:88 then show a hul (at least that's the best I could make out) and power down.  Then maybe three minutes later it would do the same thing.  Etc.  After an hour of this  finally unplugged after, checking to make sure all he cables were tightly in.


Any help would be much appreciated.