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HD signal problems in Saskatoon (Westmount)

Question asked by robhancock on Jul 2, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2013 by shaw-matt

Anyone else having TV reception areas in Westmount or nearby areas in Saskatoon? Had trouble starting a few days ago, some HD channels were breaking up, and it seems to have gotten worse in the last day or two (some channels are completely toast now, with the One Moment Please screen).


From what I can tell on the Motorola cable box diagnostic screen under In-Band Status, the affected channels all seem to be on frequencies above 600 MHz and their signal levels are something like 6-8 dB lower than it should be (in the 27 dB range when I have seen more like 36 dB in the past).


I have a Shaw tech coming out on Thursday, but based on my experience with this happening before, I'm not sure it will help. I had a similar problem in November, a tech came out and checked things out but the problem wasn't fixed until magically a few days later the levels were back up where they should be. I'm thinking there's a piece of equipment in the system which either is failing intermittently, or else failed, was fixed and has now failed again.


I'm also starting to wonder about either the test equipment or training of some of the Shaw techs and customer support people. It doesn't seem like remote level checks or visiting techs have generally found signal problems even when there clearly was one, with many channels not working. Maybe they are just checking the level on one random channel/frequency and pronouncing things OK when they're not?