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Newer PVR Problems

Question asked by bellasmom on Jul 5, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2013 by shaw-matt

I was just reading some of the problems encountered with the most recently updated PVR machine.  I too have had problems with a recording stopping half way through the program, with the last time this past Monday (July 1, 2013).  Another concern is when moving around in pre-recorded shows, it never shows the same options for deleting programs - the other day it completely refused to delete a pre-recorded program and, after three tries I just gave up.  It let me delete it the next day.  Also, a lot of programs recorded will playback quite choppy a lot of the time.


I also get notices during most Movies purchased about being "Off line" that I don't know what they mean and have to just click off. I have occasionally lost sound as well.


The last thing that bothers me is that the machine, when turned off does not always switch back to "Time" and stays on "Channel."  Usually I catch this by accident when I happen to walk by my set.  It concerns me that this could mess up the recording of pre-programed shows.


Can you keep me posted on updates and/or newer information on this problem?  I am buying this machine and it bothers me that newer models will be coming out to replace this one even before I get finished paying it off.