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Pixelation, loss of audio

Question asked by ponderer on Jul 6, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2013 by kevinds

Today, both PVRs have been experiencing pixelated images and lost audio, both in recording and live play. 

This is occurring on all channels, so it must be a system problem rather than originating station.  The PVRs are connected via structured cable to a smart terminal box connected directly to the incoming cable from the street. 

Since both PVRs began experiencing the same problem at the same time despite being on separate cables from the terminal box, the problem is either with the junction box at the smart terminal, or in the incoming cable, or the signal from Shaw.  Shaw has had signal problems in this neighbourhood before. (Champlain Heights, Vancouver)

I suspect the problem lies upstream with the 32 year old infrastructure leading to the smart terminal rather than in the 3-year old smart box and wiring.  but there are no apparent problems with the VOIP phone or internet service which use the same wiring system  How can I check to make sure the Shaw signal is OK before I start messing with the smart terminal box?