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Sick of my inconsistent internet speeds!!!!

Question asked by davea on Jul 5, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2013 by shaw-matt

I have used Shaw for internet since about 1995, we have been very happy for the most part and currently have a full package of home phone, internet and HD cable. For the last few months the internet speed has been terrible. I live in McKenzie Towne, Calgary. My main problem is that when anyone plays a intertnet based video game the results are very inconsistent and you often have to leave the game due to unplayable conditions.

First time I asked for assistance I was told to upgrade our service, which I did about 3 months ago. Now, we are SPENDING MORE MONEY, AND GETTING THE SAME INCONSISTENT RESULTS. i spoke to another rep last week and while the rep was very personable, I was told that it was because the service in our area requires upgrading due to over use, but that there was no schedule for that upgrade yet. SHAW.. I have been a loyal customer for 18 years for internet, and much longer than that for cable.

Why, oh why, do you not invest in fixing this problem? You will lose me, and many others..

.is this just a calculated risk on your part?

are you just weighing the cost of delivering what you promise versus the profit by doing nothing?

I have done multiple speedtests, they vary hugely, they are at their worst in the early evenings and all weekend long.

Bottom line, I should not have to ask my family members to limit their online gaming to only those times when no one else in my area is online.


A very frustrated shaw customer.