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Why buy a PVR that doesn't work?

Question asked by dhuhtala on Jul 6, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2013 by shaw-matt

I've had 4 different PVRs for my Shaw services over the last few years.  Every one of them has had glitchy issues - drop-outs in audio and video, scrambled video sometimes so bad I give up watching shows.  I've had Motorola and Pace boxes - all have similar problems.


It's been a while since I've looked at prices so thought I'd take a look since my Motorola won't play half a dozen of the new channels anymore - now that things are being done to ensure the obsolesence of the one box that seems to actually work (other than the fact it will not stay in 1080i mode and I constantly have to manually switch it back).


So the cost is still $350 which I find ridiculous considering I'm spending $1,500 annually - and have been for several years.  A cell phone doesn't cost that much - and the initial purchase is subsidized because you spend so much on the monthly plan.  Shaw charges full cost for the service AND the device you need to buy to access the service.


And the device is total junk.  The interface is terrible, the service is glitchy, it's unreliable, ridiculously expensive and completely inflexible.  When I looked this device up at Future Shop to see if it was cheaper, I found 5 reviews and EVERY ONE of them rated this box a 1/5 stars because it DOESN'T WORK!  After all these years, Shaw still doesn't have a somewhat-stable device!…


This forum has 49 pages of complaints about this new box with similar problems.


Telus' Optik boxes allow you to watch from other recorded materials on other boxes - without spending hundreds of dollars installing a Gateway and a bunch of other boxes on top of that to do the same thing - and they seem to be glitch-free - and display incoming phone calls, etc...I have to wonder:


WHY BUY A SHAW CABLE BOX THAT DOESN'T WORK?  What is being done to address all your customer concerns?  If you can't answer these questions, then there's absolutely no reason for me to stay with Shaw...convince me you have a reliable service to offer...!  Please...try...!