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Status of DNU in Port Coquitlam

Question asked by kon_klink on Jul 9, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2013 by frankhu

Hi all,


Received a letter in the mail last month stating that DNU would be taking place in my neighborhood throughout the month of June and got very excited.


I'm a Gateway costumer and have been almost since launch, in addition I also pay a premium $15 extra a month for Shaw's Sportsnet World (old Setanta) channel in order to watch EPL matches.


Of course due to my neighborhood's cable not being up to snuff I have had to suffer with SNETW in SD ... which to be honest is pretty much the same as streaming games online.


I'd like to know how much longer I need to wait for all the lovely new HD channels that so many other customers have been enjoying.