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Not the start we were hoping for

Question asked by bnrcroft on Jul 10, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2013 by bnrcroft

We had the gateway system installed on Saturday, July 6/13. It has worked well for the most part, but we are very disappointed in the number of channels that are garbled. When I say garbled, I mean no sound and a digitized screen.

HGTV has been garbled for the past three days, the Golf Channel was garbled for much of the day Sunday, Sportsnet Pacific was down for much of Saturday and a show we recorded off HBO on Sunday evening was garbled. I'm not sure how many other channels are also affected as we haven't gone through all the channels.

Any idea what is leading to the loss of channels? Faulty gateway box? Not a strong enough signal?

A very disappointing start to what we were hoping would be a pleasant Gateway experience.