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MoCA and the DCX3510 / DCX3200

Question asked by thim on Jul 11, 2013
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I've got a family member who can't handle wi-fi and therefore we have to wire everything. The internet is in the upper corner of the house, which meant I had to get a separate modem / cable connection for the downstairs level on the other side.


We also have devices in the upstairs living room which do not have physical internet access and it would be silly to have an internet modem in every room, right? And I don't want to rip out the walls to lay some ethernet cable down and the powerline ethernet adapters strike me as a bit scary and produce their own rf interference problems (couple of links below so people know what I'm talking about)


So I want something that works on the shielded wires already in the wall and can deliver internet physically. Something like this:


Netgear MoCA Coax-Ethernet adapter review

but these have been discontinued from the retail market (since wifi and powerline adapters have stripped the market) and the only ones left are expensive and a bit generic (channel master? MoCA Internet to TV adapters CM6004 - computer to TV - PC to TV |</title><meta name=… What's their support in Canada?).

So what can I do?

Well, the DCX3510 is MoCA enabled. So is the DCX3200.

(Heck, supposedly they even have a DOCSIS cable modem inside.) They both have ethernet ports, if you were to enable this the right way, you could sell a ton of boxes by saying "if you buy our DCX services and plug one of your DCX boxes into the internet, every DCX box can send internet signals through your house cable. You get cable hdtv and internet in every room you watch, just plug your xbox into the back of your DCX3510. We're your MoCA Bridge to the information superhighway!"

You could still get the internet modem sale and sell cable services that would otherwise be cannibalized by netflix over your broadband service. (they just spent 700 bucks on two boxes, think the customer won't chip in for the cable service that comes with them?)


This seems like no brainer, but everyone I've read and talked to tells me that the ethernet is not enabled, that MoCA isn't supported, that even though the hardware is supplied to you, Shaw won't set it up.


I just talked to a support guy who told me "It's not supported by the software that is loaded on the equipment." Don't sell hobbled equipment, guys. Get the software. Support this. Use it to sell your cable service. How much are you making when you sell one broadband connection which is wifi'ed through the house so that content can be delivered through cheap Roku and Apple TV boxes?

How much are you making when you sell 3 DCX3510 boxes with Shaw VOD that share that same broadband service. Do the math.

Am I off here?