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One HD box and multiple TVs?

Question asked by syh1116 on Jul 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2013 by kevinds

I just moved to a house where the previous owner was using Shaw.

He seemed to have one HD box and was able to get HD channels on all TVs in the house without Gateway and Portals

But he didnt tell me anything about what equipment to get or anything and when Shaw guys came to set up our TV and pick up the old HD box, he only took one (because there was only one HD box)

The shaw technician couldnt set up the TV the way it used to be set up and it was perfectly fine. Another guy came a week after and he bypassed the existing TV set up and now I only get HD channels in the living room.

Normally I would just go ahead and either get more HD boxes or get Gateway, but since the old owner of the house seemed to be able to get HD channels with one HD box, I am wondering if I am missing something or what..

I am cautiously thinking if a more experienced shaw tech came, then he might be able to set it up the way it's meant to be or at least explain to me what's happening.. but for now I'd like to get any information on what might have happened ?

Thanks a lot!