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DCX 3510 (500 Gb) menus

Question asked by on Jul 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2013 by shaw-matt

I'm not happy with the menu system for the recorded programs on my PVR. It creates a folder for each year of the original program, then requires a series of click advances to move downward and scroll down the list ... it seems logical in this day and age that it would automatically scroll itself down when opening a folder.


As an example, my seven-year-old son has 18 recordings of "Phineus and Ferb" that stretch through about five years (and numerous folders). It's very difficult to find "... the one about them lost on a tropical island"!


I'd rather have no folder system at all, and just see a list of the recorded programs in the order they were recorded. I remember that the folder system was optional on my old PVR ... Is there a way to turn off the folders? Could the next update make 'em smarter?