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How do I get shaw internet?

Question asked by pyridoxine on Jul 12, 2013
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because I would love to know what I did wrong. All I want is to Order Broadband 100 but it seems like you guys make it quite difficult for me to become a customer.


On July 8th I went to and ordered Broadband 100 for my apartment. I got a confirmation email right away that the order is being processed.

The confirmation email includes this REFERENCE # 48960014 and clearly states the correct address I put in.


2 Days later I received a call from shaw that something is wrong and was asked about my address. That person then mentioned a completely different address than the one I wrote in the order. I corrected her and she said it's cleared up and I would receive another call to make an appointed for the installation at the same day. I never got another call.


Instead I called the support yesterday, gave them the information I have and they told me they have no order from me at all. So I explained it to them and I was told to expect another phone call at the same day. And still no one contacted me.


Now today I decided to email the support ( ) and post this here and see what happens, maybe now someone will actually fix this.


Thank you,