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Remote Control Question: How to access audio gain of 3510 HDPVR?

Question asked by kaz on Jul 14, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2013 by [shaw]jeff

Hi all,


I'm using the analog audio outputs of the 3510, which go to the TV. Then from the TV's headphone line out, I go to an external amplifier.


But with the TV's volume cranked all the way up, as well as the amplifier's volume control cranked all the way up, I just get medium loudness. Though far from quiet, it is easy to have a conversation over it, or drown it out with a noise such as a vacuum cleaner.


How do I access the audio output level of the set top box? That would be the only place in the audio chain where I can get any more gain.


The remote control is programmed with my TV's protocol (this was kindly set up by the Shaw installer). The remote's volume up/down buttons control only the TV's audio output, even if the remote is put in CBL mode! I see only the on-screen volume control display of the TV, regardless of mode.