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Unpredictable internet speeds, spiking ping delays

Question asked by darkmyth on Jul 14, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2013 by [shaw]jeff

I'm in south Calgary and for the last four weeks I've been experiencing incredibly unpredictable internet service.  One minute it will be fine and the next it slows to crawling speeds and then back to normal again.  It will go through minutes to hours of slow speeds and then go back to normal for unpredictable amounts of time.  And, its slowing down more frequently.


I've gone through every inch of our internal network, called Shaw 3 times, had the router/modem replaced once, debugged with wired and wireless links, debugged with fixed and mobile computing, reduced the network to a single device connected to the router/modem directly and have the same problem no matter what.  Here's the summary of my testing so far:


A ping to the router on the internal network gets good results (~ 0.70ms) on average.

A ping to the shaw server gets unpredictable results (~ 10ms to 7000ms) spending long periods of time at ~1000ms.

A ping to other web servers gets similar results to the ping to the shaw server.

I've run the above pings in parallel, and continuously, and can see the ping return times changing in value unpredictably on the external servers, but remains steady over time on the internal network. 

I get packet losses when pinging external servers, but never get losses when pinging devices on the internal network.


Running Shaw speedtest provides completely unpredictable results from normal service to 'can't run the test' or 'test not completed' and everything in between.  Before this started the Shaw speedest always showed good results.

We have good tx/rx levels over the cable, I'm told by all tech support folks who looked.

It makes no difference if I use 1 connected computer or have multiple computers attached to the router.

It makes no difference if I use a wired or wireless connection

It makes no difference if I use a PC, iMac or iPad, I get the same problem and same test results.

The Shaw tech who replaced the router/modem indicated the problem was outside the house, and it would be taken care of, but the problem is obviously not fixed.

I'm at a loss.  The service is barely useable some days.


Anyone else have similar issues?  Was it fixed and how?