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Black Hole Hop - BGP and manual next hop

Question asked by dmacpher on Jul 15, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2013 by [shaw]jeff


As of July 11 I have been unable to access a website needed to run our day to day business.

DNS resolves correct IP address, routing fails after a few hops.

Check to see if VPN allows connection - it does.


I phone tech support - Internal shaw computers resolve ip, and route correctly. Tech checks outward facing "client" box and duplicates same routing error I am receiving. Promises a timely fix.


5 days later, and 5 phone calls later i get a tech support guy to finally admit they think its a cisco router refusing to co-operate somewhere in shaw's network. Its not a peering issue, or advertised prefixes. I was told i would have to wait until cisco was able to solve the problem.


I tried in vain to request a manual change in the routing tables to change the next hop in the offending route. Understandably BGP sets the "best possible" route but it is entirely within your ability to temporarily set the next hop. I was stonewalled and hung up on after voicing this frustration.


Today the issue is still unresolved. I am having to pay for a VPN service on top of the Shaw business fees to access content that i need to operate my business.


Is anyone willing to seriously discuss this issue and perhaps consider fixing it instead of pawning off responsibility on a third party hardware manufacturer?