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Yet another price increase??  Where's the value?

Question asked by supersmurf on Jul 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2013 by shaw-matt

So I was looking at my most recent Shaw bill and noticed an announcement that effective Aug 1 my cost for services would be increasing yet again - for the second time this year.  For reference my services include Broadband 50 and HD Plus cable (without Tier 3).


I would like to understand from a Shaw representative what VALUE I as a consumer have gained over the past year to justify a 15.4% increase in fees over 12 months.  Shocked to hear prices increased by 15%, well let me run you down the math (just services cost, not including GST):

Jan 2013 - $116.95

April 2013 - $123.95   a $7.00 increase (5.99% increase over Jan)

Aug 2013 - $135.00    a $11.05 increase  (8.91% over April)


So over the course of 2013 my cost for services will have increased by $18.05 which is 15.43% of my January rates.


Let's put things in perspective:

- Canada's inflation rate over the past year (Apr 2012 - May 2013 from Stats Canada) was only 0.7% across all categories, with that largest being 1.7%

- Average earnings in Alberta rose approximately 5.5% year over year


There certainly is reasonable justification for Shaw to increase prices to cover cost of living, inflation etc.  But that is no where near 15%.  I need someone to clearly explain what incremental value and benefits I've received over the last year (or am imminently about to receive) to justify this increase.  You're helping make the decision to move to Telus a heck of a lot easier!  Shaw has a long history or offering great incentives to sing-up but does nothing to encourage retention.  This price increase could certainly be the breaking point for a lot of people... myself included!


I await your response.