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Changing Internet Plans

Question asked by schultzycom on Jul 18, 2013
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A few months ago, I moved and received an install, that has a fiber connection.  I asked at the time to upgrade my Internet to a faster tier.  I was told I would have to cancel my current plan and go with a much more expensive plan, that would give me more TV stations that I do not want or need, and an increase in speed of the Internet.  I was not interested in doing so.  I asked why I could not just increase my Internet speed and pay the difference in what it would be from going from 10 Mb to 20Mb or 25 Mb.  I was told the system was not setup or allow such things.


My question is, has this been changed to allow this, I have to wonder how much revenue Shaw is missing out on the incremental increase of such requests.  If it is not available to do this, any idea when or if that will happen.