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"You burned my plasma!" or "Error messages & dialogs should timeout."

Question asked by dork.pie on Jul 19, 2013
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I fell asleep with the TV on this morning and awoke to dozens (perhaps even hundreds) of error messages stacked on the screen. Because each successive dialog position on the screen is offset from the previous dialog there was no way to see what the error even was; the top-most message was WAAAAY off screen somewhere.  I clicked 'OK' for about three minutes before giving up and resetting the device.


Now I have a bunch of blue lines, the dialog borders, burned in to my plasma TV. Not cool.


These dialogs should timeout automatically. There's nothing that can be done about the errors on our end so there's absolutely zero reason to require user confirmation or acknowledgement.


The same applies to "Online/Offline" dialogs. There's no reason for them. "Online/Offline" status should be displayed in the guide, under the Shaw logo for example.  A simple "Connection: Online" is far more user friendly and far less damaging than a modal dialog that remains on the screen indefinitely.


In addition to dialog behaviour, dialog appearance should be changed. Like TV network logo "bugs" that sit in the corner of the screen, anything that remains stationary for any amount of time MUST be semi-transparent. Please fix.