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Why are the Recorded programs locked after watching them once? DCX3510-M

Question asked by cam on Jul 20, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2013 by shaw-matt

All of our recorded programs are now marked with a "Locked due to rating" after watching them once. My son's shows from family channel which are rated as G have the same message. When we try and watch a recorded program again it asks you to setup a Parental Control Pin. This is absolutely obsurd I should not need a Parental Control Pin to watch my recordings especially if they are rated G or even PG.

This needs to get fixed. My entire family is very frustrated with the NEW shaw PVR box which never seems to work properly. Sometimes it records the program and sometimes it appears to record it twice in the listed recorded programs. The titles of the recorded programs sometimes just have a number or single letter displaying.

If it was an option to get another box I would do it in a second, at least the old guide worked!!!!!!

My family wants me to switch to Telus, and I am trying to hold them off, but it is getting harder and harder when the PVR box you bought brand new around Christmas time is still not working properly.

Shaw needs to do something about this and make it a priority. I am telling anyone that listens to not get a new Shaw PVR with the new Guide. Shaw is treating its loyal customers as BETA testers and not compensating them for the issues. Just ridiculous!!

I have stronger words but they are not appropriate for this forum!!!!!


Yours Truly