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This is unacceptable.

Question asked by sa3ds on Jul 21, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2013 by shaw-colin

I supposed to be getting +20mbps internet, well. this is what i've been getting for the past month - My Results
along with the ping that goes up to 2000, im getting 2% of what I'm paying for, I called and posted here before patiently and advised to call for someone to come over to fix the problem, but they "couldnt" find anything wrong... so how do you explain this? I'm really running out of patience here and all im asking for is to get what i'm paying for!
If you cannot help me in any other way that "turn off your router then turn it back on" or  "look for something blocking the signal" I understand, just  skip over this thread. This is my last month if the problem is not fixed.