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About my DCT3416I

Question asked by abwebster on Jul 25, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2013 by abwebster

It seems that the technology changes Shaw are implementing are affecting some channels. I can not view video on channels 240, 247 248 249 253 and 254. I only receive audio. Am I correct to think I am being pushed (in a nice way, of course) to buy a new gateway PVR box? I believe I pay an additional 12 to 14 dollars a month for additional HD over what is considered basic. But if I am paying for these additional HD channels shouldn't I be able to view these video(less) channels  on my existing Motorola PVR? Over and above  I have had troubles with my PVR which was replaced by Shaw once with marginal results to the better but it still has hickups and that annoys me when I try to view a recorded show the next morning.