Ever since I've had the upgrade with new digital box, my TV image 'narrows'

Discussion created by gordieacorn on Jul 25, 2013
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I am writing this since I got no joy at all from the Chat 'support' (ie: nobody responded to it after two attempts and waiting over 30mins) from Shaw and when I telephoned them was informed there was a 20minute wait time.

My TV worked fine before I had the upgrade.  Now, it's anyone's guess what the TV image will be when I turn it on.  Usually, the screen image starts to 'narrow' - sometimes to the point that all I can see is a thin bright white line running horizontally across the middle of the screen.  The sound is unaffected by this.  I then have to turn off the TV for awhile in the hopes that when I turn it back on, a semblance of an image will be there. 

I live in an apartment where we all have basic Shaw cable provided.  I highly doubt I would seek Shaw out if I was looking myself for a cable TV network supporter.  In the meantime, can someone assist me?  Yours, G.