No Notice for Free Previews Ending

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thx for the free preview ending notice...i thought as an hd plus subscriber though that those channels were part of my package...although shaw has in the past reworked the hd plus package by creating another tier that costs more money than the hd plus package you currently pay for....it has happened to me in the past..pay more money to continue seeing the channels that are included in the package you are paying for ????  they did this when oasis was first introduced and went off preview... there was i believe a 14.95 hd plus level and then introduced a 16.95 level...infuriating really. gonna go check the website to see whats up.



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so on shaws website  channels 247-249 and channels 271-275 show as part of no cable package at all. does that mean they are no longer available ..or available as al a carte only at $3.00 each

these channels include radx , eq , hi fi , space hd , discovery hd , bravo hd , animal planet , and comedy. checking my pvr i have access to all these channels except 247-249 & 274 (i never had 274 to begin with) so im assuming the structure of subscribed channels has changed again with no notification to subscribers as to this change (since what i referred to as an hd plus package appears nowhere on the shaw website anymore)



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