Video streaming being throttled 95% of the time, help.  240p bad

Discussion created by featherawr on Jul 29, 2013
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So I'm on the BB50 plan, and this past few months most of the time I haven't been able to download any videos (YouTube, etc) over 64KB/s, sometimes very rarely I can get around 350KB/s.  This only affects video streaming however, nothing else seems to be a problem, so this is leading me to believe it is being throttled.


As far as I understand, under Shaw's EULA it's stated somewhere that Shaw will not throttle downstream network traffic, so unless this is untrue I am assuming a node is being overloaded, and to compensate is throttling video traffic, which should be the majority of the traffic.  In addition I am sure it is Shaw's infrastructure that is the problem, I've tried using VPNs to test with (this way it is not seen as video traffic) and everything is just fine and dandy.


Just feels a little ridiculous paying the premium for the BB50 plan, then being throttled 95% of the time (even late at night).  I don't watch YouTube all the time like some people, but I would like to watch once and awhile beyond 240p!  Sometimes I'm buffering at 240p!


Help me Shaw CSR's, you are my only hope!