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Cut off for over usage, but I would love to pay for my service

Question asked by hjakl on Jul 29, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2013 by kevinds

Dear Shaw,


Having been a customer for 20+ years, being one of the first to jump on board with high speed internet, I have been a good loyal customer.  Currently I have Broadband 100+ with 750 Gigs of data. That being said, as of late you have been disappointing me more and more. Yes, today I got a call and was informed I am being grounded for two days. Yes, I will admit, I did go over my limits. I will even post them here:


Jan: 778 Gigs
Feb: 726 Gigs
March: Missing from the chart

April: 5200 Gigs
May: 1351 Gigs

June: 916 Gigs
July 1024 Gigs


I want to pay for my usage, I am more than happy to do that, BUT your rates are unreasonable!!! My next option is to DOUBLE my price to get 100 Unlimited which is just crazy. 1.5 Years go you had the 100 Unlimited for around $115, I would LOVE to get that and pay for my usage, heck, I would happily pay for the Broadband 250 with 1TB of Data, but I cannot have it where I live (Small town Calgary).


This is an example of abuse in a Duopoly that we live under for internet providers in Calgary. Some people might say I am an excessive user, but in a house of 4 people it's not that out of norm. I want to pay for my services, but I want it to be reasonable (like it was 1.5 years ago), or allow me to add more Data for a REASONABLE rate, not the $2 per Gigabyte that was being proposed by you.


So there you have it, a customer of 20 years, always paying my bill on time, forgiving the every 6-12 months small increases, never complaining of outages, or when the speed was slow during peak times and someone who want's to pay a reasonable amount for the service is sitting in the dark.