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Is there something unique about Shaw Go Wi-Fi that would prevent setting up a VPN tunnel to my home router?

Question asked by muse2u on Aug 1, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2013 by kevinds

I am configuring my laptop to allow me to use Shaw Go Wi-Fi to access my home LAN remotely. My Shaw 'gateway' has been configured to simply act as a broadband modem so that I have complete control of the security of my home LAN through my ASUS router. The  ASUS home router has a PPTN CHAP VPN server. In spite of the fact that Microsoft has indicated, as early as April 2012, that PPTN CHAP protocol is not the most secure option, and I have considered commercial web VPN services and desktop computer VPN servers, I would prefer to go with the router VPN server option.

I configured the ASUS router and my Windows 7 laptop and proceeded to do tests at a McDonald's restaurant, where I had access to their Bell-Datavalet hot spot and a Shaw Go WiFi hotspot from across the street. I was able to connect with the Bell service and establish a 'secure' VPN tunnel to my router. Using the same configuration, simply disconnecting from Bell and connecting to Shaw, I could not establish a VPN tunnel.

I called Shaw Internet support but the scenario was not within the scope of the 1st level support and I was not offered the opportunity to talk to a higher level. I assumed from the conversation that either most Shaw Go Wi-Fi customers are not aware of the insecurity of a public wireless hot-spot, do not secure their connection using VPN, or are using VPN and not experiencing any problems. In any case I could not elicit an explanation why the connection was established between the same two devices with the same configuration through Bell but not Shaw.

I searched the Internet for ISP-VPN dependencies-relationships. There was some suggestion that some ISPs filter or block certain ports, to prevent 'server' support, but there seems to be no evidence that I can see that Shaw is doing that.

Any ideas? Anybody successfully set up a VPN connection through Shaw Go WiFi?