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Why are so many threads locked?

Question asked by dwaveyca on Aug 2, 2013
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I was just reading the thread "Why I cancelled" that was started only a few days ago on 25 Jul 13, and only had a few replies.  I thought I might like to add a comment to the discussion but alas, the thread is already locked.  That made me take notice of how many other threads have been locked, specifically after a Mod has responded that someone's reply (or more accurately, a part of that reply) is discussion for another thread and directs them to start a new thread.  Is it just my sensitivity or are Mods discouraging open discussion and criticism of Shaw by trying to disjoint the discourse by sending it to new threads (which they then close when someone makes a comment that is discussion for another thread)?


The 'Why I cancelled" thread was a great title for people to talk and share views about "All things wrong with Shaw".  Directing commentators to start another thread for every little variation, and then locking the thread, seems to indicate to me that Shaw really doesn't want people to use this community for open discussion amongst community members, just questions that can be answered to make Shaw look good.


I've been a Shaw customer since it took over from Rogers, and have even dropped my Telus land-line after 20 satisfied years for a Shaw phone (and I'm a Telus shareholder no less).  But I too am beginning to question how green the grass is on the Shaw side of the cable TV/internet fence, with the changes to the familiar and functional Guide, new MPEG-4 channels that my box can't decode, the glitchy new Motorola digital box, and offers to new subscribers but nothing for continuing subscribers except rate increases (not even an incentive for upgrading equipment, in some ways it makes me fondly reminisce the bad old days of Ma Bell phone rental upgrades).  And if there's a straw that could break my back and cause me to seriously consider switching to a new provider, it would be Shaw Mods appearing to stifling community discussion by using misdirection and locking threads.