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Signal keeps cutting out

Question asked by hddude on Aug 2, 2013
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The last couple of days our picture has been going black on our screen ... no video and no sound. When I hit the enter button on the remote the guide comes up and a message saying "this channel will be available shortly" , "ref s0a00".  When I hit the enter button on a show in the guide or change channels the picture and sound reappear. However, a minute or so later the problem occurs again (completely black screen).


I have a motorola DCT 6412 iii. The cable goes straight from the wall to the cable box. I'm running HDMI from the box to my receiver and from my receiver to the TV. The cable box is plugged straight into the wall (not a power bar).


This is getting frustrating with the tv going black every minute ... it's unwatchable. What can I do??