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Shaw's servers/subservers/passwords

Question asked by thematchmaker on Aug 2, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2013 by shaw-matt

Shaw's subservers must have crashed and scrambled everything including the tech support who usually say use Ctrl F5 to force the serve to refresh the pages??.  Many of my friends have not been able to access my site and if they can get only get old July 24th posting for July 26th.


I can get on my friends computer and access my site using my password and I can use my computer and use his password and access his site but he can't access mine from any computer.  Even his computers at work which have never been used to access my site hence no cache problem constantly asks for a password reset and when the new password gets in, he gets the July 26th data.  But he is always told he has a password mismatch


I've even taken him off the private list and he can still get in with a password reset and back to the July 26 and even post a comment that I never get delivered to me.  So shaw's servers are so screwed up they let him in, but don't think he exists.


I've been working with computers for 33 years now and never seen anything like it.  They should just tell us they have a mess and be patient while they work their way through it.


My friend in San Jose has never had a problem, but he's the only one of my many friends.  One friend got his back and updated blog I put out.  The rest want to get even with me for causing this hassle