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Why can't I use TV and Internet at the same time??

Question asked by turkey on Aug 3, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2013 by shaw-matt

I have a TV that can connect to WiFi (Sony Bravia) and while it worked perfectly for months streaming from my laptop or using the netflix app directly on the TV, something has changed. I have gone through every troubleshooting step possible - replaced indoor wiring, outdoor wiring, reset modem/router, exchanged modem/router, had 'levels' tested by a tech and all was good. Switched channels, went off N to B/G, went on auto N or B/G....


The very minute I turn on my TV, whether I connect to Wifi or not, the internet on my laptop and phone disconnects completely. It does not just slow down. The icons show that it is disconnected, any web browsing or video streaming will show that it is disconnected. This is not an issue with the laptop or phone as it happens on any device. The TV is directly above the modem/router box and I am sitting about 10 feet away from them with my laptop.


Any ideas how to fix this? The internet connection goes down intermittently throughout the day also, but EVERY time I turn on the tv it disconnects. I am going to buy a stronger router but since it's a matter of the internet disconnecting, not just a slow/weak signal, I don't suspect it will help.